Wholly Unrelated Things

Last night, sitting on the couch, Jay and I noticed a shaking... I thought it was him banging his foot on the couch to make it shake (he's got a bad habit of fidgeting), but when we looked across the room, a glass of water on the table was sloshing around. Earthquake!! I'm glad that I got to experience an earthquake that didn't do any damage, but could still be felt. Not something that happens on the east coast often.

Work is really empty today. I stopped by a co-worker's office, who's running a team I'm part of, and she bit my head off. What a way to start the day. Mostly, it made me mad because I don't like talking to anyone before I have my coffee... so during her little tirade I stared into my coffee, wishing I'd had some before stopping by.

She does have a right to be mad, though, but not at me. It's kinda a her vs. the rest of us thing, but I'm not the one making decisions against hers... I just agree with them. No need to snap at me, like I can fix it. I'm the lowest man on the totem pole, what do you want me to do, run back and tell everyone else they have to stop being mean, because she said so?

I think I'll leave work early today. I have the apartment to myself, which is kinda nice, and I need to get some stuff done.

Senator, What Pork Do You Promise To Cut?

Dear Senator,

The porkbusters website indicates you support cutting pork out of the federal budget to pay for Katrina/Rita relief. However it appears you have not made it known which of the pork projects in Alabama you plan to support cutting. I live in Alabama and have supported you with my vote. Knowing you back up your word with a firm commitment to reduce wasteful spending of my hard earned tax dollars would make me more like to continue my support.

I would recommend cutting spending of something wasteful that actually has to do with pig farming subsidies or if there's some sort of pig parade in Alabama that gets govt funds. That would be funny. Cutting pork on pork This IS Alabama after all. And the pig farmers as a rule are good natured and would be willing to be part of the solution.

I look forward to your reply. I am posting this email in my blog to document our conversation. Take care, I hope to hear back from you soon hopefully by something more personal than an autoresponse. Which I will forgive you of, if you respond more personally with expedience, say in a week.