Does everyone know about Snopes?

I use it at least once a week for two reasons:

After years of blindly believing that Richard Gere really did have a thing for gerbils, that McDonalds used ground up worms in their hamburgers, and that someone hung him or herself on camera in the Wizard of Oz, I finally have somewhere to turn for the truth.

Secondly, it is the number one most useful place for finding info to send back to all those annoying people and their annoying forwards. Specifically, those idiots who think that JDBGMGR.EXE is a virus on their computer that will go away if they just delete it (it's an actual file that came with Windows, silly). You have no idea how many times I have to send that link to people, along with the file they just deleted and how to put it back. Also, there's the ever useful no one's going to send you money link for those that think Microsoft's sponsoring a forwarding frenzy. There's also lots of stuff about whether Suzie Q. from Small Town, Louisiana is actually dying of cancer and her dying wish is for you to forward this email, and any other possible annoying email you can think of.

So, if you have friends and family that like to try and convince you that you are an evil person if you don't forward Suzie Q.'s letter, or that Richard Gere really DOES love him some gerbils, go to Snopes. I use it for everything that sounds mildly fishy. They let you know whether it's true or false, so sometimes even the fishiest things are real!


A busy weekend was had by all, I'm sure. I'm used to peace and quiet on my weekends, since Jay usually works then. This Saturday, we went and saw Identity, since neither of us wanted to see The Matrix Reloaded without re-seeing the first Matrix. Identity was pretty good, but I did sit through the entire movie with my fingers in my ears (if I don't hear the scary music, it isn't so scary).

Sunday, we took a drive over to the Olympic Peninsula...we took a hike up Hurricane Ridge (my ass hurts, I am one out-of-shape girl) and stopped quickly at Dungeness on the way home.

Monday, Jay had to work, and halfway through the day, his mom called me to tell me that Jay's grandma died. He called me to tell me he was staying late (which means it's way too late on the east coast to call), so I told him to call his mom...he got the idea fast, but I'm sure it didn't hit hard until he called.

So, he should be calling me shortly to buy him some airline tickets, so he can fly home this weekend. He has the weekend off, and he had already put in for an extra day off (we were going to go camping), so it works out well.