Taking It Easy?

Someone accused me of taking it easy. Or something to that effect. (I'm too lazy to go back and see what was actually said.)

Easy?!? No it was resting on my laurels I remember now.

Resting?!? Do yoiu think making a handful of short, vacuaous posts per week is resting??? Well do you?

It takes time, like MINUTES, literally, out of my week to conceptualize, compose, fact check, edit, test with focus groups and promote the high quality blog posts here. This blog has been grown, nurtured and cultured in such a way that my posts, they become a staple in the lives of, I promise I am not exagerating here, TENs of people.

They have come to expect a certain level of professionalism and I, I DELIVER so you want to call that resting on laurels well...

Well, sorry but I have to go. Writing something this long has really taken the wind out of my sails.

Seeing Red

I go through a lot of those red ink pens, the kind where you can see the ink level in them... I've always called them leaky pens.

You think I would have learned my lesson about leaving one uncapped last week, when I accidentally leaned my brown purse up against an uncapped pen. I went to use the pen, and found that all the ink was gone...into my purse. It's got a huge red spot on it now from where it sucked the ink out of my pen.

Today, I glance down at my white desk, and see several fingerprint-y looking red spots...I'm staring at my clean fingertips intently, trying to figure out how I managed to get the ink off them after stamping the desk with inky prints, when I look at my elbow. My pale blue shirt has a big circle of red (about the size of a silver dollar) encircling my elbow. I managed to soak a good bit of it out in the bathroom, but now if you look in the garbage, it looks like someone's been killed, with the amount of wet, red napkins in there.

I really liked this shirt, too. The red pen is firmly capped, and it won't be coming near me again today.