One Bat Flies in through de Door

You know it's going to be a sucky day when you wake up with a song from your old Sesame Street reel-to-reel in your head. One bat hanging in the steeple....One bat flies in through the door....That makes two bats, in my belfry...wonderful! But wait, there's more! Two bats hanging in the steeple....

And I can't stop it. It's like that horrible song that never ends by Sherry Lewis and Lambchop.

Anyway, my Dad bought my tickets yesterday, so in a month, I'll be going home for the 4th! And, while my Dad bought my (free) tickets, I bought Jay some tickets to fly home this weekend for his grandma's funeral... he leaves on Thursday for Connecticut (where she lived) and will spend the next four days in Cape Cod, where he's from. So it's like a mini-vacation for him, which he really needs.

I think I'll spend the weekend shopping for summer clothes, which I really, really need, but it's a big Catch-22. I want to lose a little weight before I buy clothes, so I'm not stuck with baggy things that fall off me, but I really need the clothes NOW, since all I have is winter stuff. I think I'll buy everything with drawstrings.