Break-ups to Make-ups

Seems like a weekend of romance... or, at least, hearing about romance or the lack of.

First, there was my roomate Joyce, who'd been dating a good friend of mine since sophomore year of college. They broke up, which is surprising, but neither seem to want to mention it. They just pretend it never happened.

Then, my other roommate Hannah calls, crying her eyes out, because her boyfriend from college (another good friend), whom she'd dated since the second month of freshman year, dumped her for another girl. They'd been trying to make a long distance thing work (ok, well, Hannah had been trying to make it work) and she's devastated. It's weird for me, because I don't remember a time when they weren't together.

Then Bean calls...she's a high school friend. She's been hooking up with a kid who was a year behind me in school...and very not-her-type. He ran with my sister's crowd. She's pretty excited about this, I'm skeptical.

Then Lee calls me (he's a guy) to talk about his wonderful trip to the Bahamas for class credit. He met some curvy blonde Kentucky thing, and is drooling over her. Then, I mention Bean, and he says, "but whats-his-nuts has a girlfriend, he's had her for over five years." Oh joy. I call Bean this morning, and she's barely surprised, but at least she knows.

Then, I come to work, and the girl I'm friends with here has a ring on. She's basically The Last of the Unmarried, beside myself. Sigh. My first instinct is to flinch, which only lets me know that I definitely am not the marrying type. I've never fantasized about my wedding day, I've forced myself to think about it for 30 seconds, max, and then I get so nauseated that I have to stop. It just gives me the creeps.

So, that was my weekend. I basically spent it on the phone with people from Massachusetts and Connecticut, when I live all the way out here in Washington.